Environmental Policy

Morf Designs Ltd Internal Ways of Working

• Use recycled, chlorine free paper in-house
• Buy in recycled paper or paper sourced from managed forests for print work.
• Only print when necessary
• Photocopy on double sided paper
• Do not print emails
• Use email rather than fax whenever possible
• Print drafts on used paper
• Make note pads from scrap paper
• Spell check pre printing to avoid mistakes and re-printing
• Recycle paper, packaging material, printer cartridges, mobile phones and computer equipment
• Use public transport when possible
• Turn off computers, equipment and lights when not in use
• Only fill kettles for required amount
• Seek specific environmental advice from third parties
• Environmental policy made available to clients on request
• Morf Designs Ltd aims to work with the most environmentally aware/community involved suppliers


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